What our patients have to say

Diagnosed with a rare, degenerative spinal injury | LM

"His manner is very welcoming and down to earth and I found him very easy to talk to. I had done a lot of research into the condition and he welcomed the information openly. I felt very included in the pain management approach he recommended."

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart to The London Pain Clinic team for giving me back my life. | S.H.P

" Dr Jenner and his team changed that for me and I am now after 9 years finally living again and starting work for the first time in years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to The London Pain Clinic team for giving me back my life. I am eternally grateful. "

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Fibromyalgia was taking it’s toll on my life |

" I have never looked back. From first meeting Dr Jenner I felt immediately that he knew what he was talking about. "

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Warm and professional, caring attitude! | TQ

"The clinic support team were extremely responsive and exceptionally helpful."

“I should like to share my overwhelmingly positive experience with the London Pain Clinic” – Video | PT

"I cannot speak highly enough about the professionalism and attention to detail for patient welfare and practical advice. I am now pain free and walking normally thanks to the insights and actions taken by the London Pain Clinic."

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Dr Jenner did not disappoint, he was able to quickly assess and propose a course of action. | N.C

"Apart from 95% of the pain having gone, my mobility and strength were immediately hugely improved and I am now working on improving further and working out on a regular maintenance programme."

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In my experience he is a credit to his profession | BJ

"If you have any questions about your treatment they deal with it very efficiently. I would thoroughly recommend Dr Jenner for a pain management consultation/ treatment, in my experience he is a credit to his profession."

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I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Jenner to help Fibromyalgia | G.C

"I feel a hundred times better than I did this time last year, I’ve even started a bit of yoga again! I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Jenner to help Fibromyalgia as well as any other pain conditions, he is excellent."

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Dr Jenner was recommended by a neurologist after I was treated for migraines without success | DJ

"I have suffered from chronic eye pain for a number of years.   Dr Jenner was recommended by a neurologist after I was treated for migraines without success.  Dr Jenner immediately investigated a different path by injecting a mixture of steroids and anaesthetic into my neck.  Unfortunately, this was not successful.  Undaunted, Dr Jenner put... »"

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Unrivalled first class care experience through Dr Jenner’s office | MB

"Unrivalled first class care experience through Dr Jenner’s office, from the first appointment, a thorough assessment and diagnostic effort of the current pain status and affect areas, to the post-procedure follow up, the experience has been more than could be expected."

I would urge anyone who suffers from this horrible condition to see Dr Jenner. | EJ

"I came to see Dr Christopher Jenner in April 2017, suffering from vulvodynia. I had seen several doctors before making an appointment at the London Pain Clinic having been misdiagnosed. I had really given up hope of finding any relief. I had been in so much pain and it was affecting my work and relationships.... »"

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I am on the road to recovery and feel confident the condition will continue to improve | Miss.J

"I came to see Dr Christopher Jenner in April 2017, suffering from vulvodynia. I had seen several doctors before making an appointment at the London Pain Clinic having been been misdiagnosed. I had really given up hope of finding any relief. I had been in so much pain and it was affecting my work and... »"

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This procedure has shown me my lust for life again. | G.J

"This is just an email to write to all of you to say thank you so much for the best treatment. I feel like I was really well listened to, I feel my treatment was appropriate and as comfortable as possible. As always Dr Singh is a real asset to the team. The same goes... »"

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My life has certainly been made more comfortable by him and his team. | A.J

"Dr Jenner , has successfully treated me for Fybromyalgia for the past 18 months . He has listened to me whenever I have had concerns about my condition .He has been both considerate and patient in finding the correct and effective medication for pain relief . My life has certainly been made more comfortable by... »"

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Overall my clinical experience has been just what I had hoped for, and has helped me immensely. | T.A

"I attended the London Pain Clinic because I wanted a coordinated multidisciplinary approach with professionals well versed in chronic pain. I have benefited not only from medical management, but also coping strategies, manual therapy, and physiotherapy input."

I cannot sing Dr Jenner’s praises highly enough | P.B.

"I cannot sing Dr Jenner’s praises highly enough"

Helpful, hopeful and approachable – and now I’m 80% pain-free! | D.H.

"I would like to say from the first phone call to London Pain Clinic everyone was so easy to speak to and very helpful. From my first appointment with Dr Jenner, I felt some hope. He had an easy, approachable manner which I really appreciated, at this time I could barely sit on a chair.... »"

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Effective treatment, proper aftercare and monitoring | R.S.

"I am writing this testimonial about the London Pain Clinic and my experience of the care, treatment and aftercare I received at the clinic.   From the first moment I arrived and met Dr Jenner, it was clear that he was surprised with the lack of aftercare treatment I’d received from my local hospital after... »"

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Dr Jenner put me in charge of my condition | S.F.

"Before I came to the clinic my fibromyalgia was impacting on almost every aspect of my life. Exercise was out of the question and flare-ups put me out of action for several days at a time. The treatments available to me felt sorely limited knowing of the wealth of research being undertaken into the condition. I... »"

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I was assessed as a whole person | E.K.

"I first met Dr Jenner earlier this year in the midst of ongoing chronic pain suffering severe spinal trauma.  I had seen numerous doctors and had been given an enormous variety of pain relief medication, none of which touched or even diluted the intensity of pain.    As a clinician myself I had had to... »"

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Transformed my life | M.G.

"Having suffered from lower back and leg pain for 30 years, I was sceptical about ever being pain-free. I had surgery under the excellent Mr Mo Akmal, followed by a series of procedures led by Dr Chris Jenner, coupled with physiotherapy with Maxine Rodriguez, both of whom provided outstanding results and were kind and professional.... »"

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Now pain free! | D.B.

"I would like to report that my continuing improvement with the occipital neuralgia is most encouraging.   I first came to Dr Jenner almost two years ago with extreme head and neck pain which extended into my shoulder. and had been chronic for a few years.   After expert investigations, medication, steroid injections and physiotherapy,... »"

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Before finding Dr Jenner I was ready to give up work | S.A.

"Before I met with Dr Jenner I was ready to give up work as I was in so much pain. I was thinking that I may be able to manage a couple more months but nothing more. However, at my initial assessment consultation with Dr Jenner, he was able to diagnose my condition and also... »"

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Consistently excellent care | L.L.

"I came to Dr Jenner with chronic neck pain and whilst my pain is still ongoing, he has already helped me a huge amount and continues to do so. The continuing care I receive at the clinic from Dr Jenner and his support staff is excellent, never rushed and I would recommend it wholeheartedly."

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Highly efficient, patient-centred care – one of the best organised clinics I’ve come across | E.D.

"Turning to the Fibro Clinic for help was the best decision I have made in many years. The first consultation was arranged quickly. I had to fill in a form beforehand and the consultation itself focused on a thorough diagnostic process, at the end of which I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.   I started taking... »"

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Dr Jenner and Maxine have given me my life back | G.C.

"Dr Jenner and Maxine Rodriguez have given me my life back and I can clearly see now after 18 months under their care how my life will get completely back to normal."

Wonderful, kind and considerate – marvellous care | R.M.

"Thank you to everybody involved in my treatment. Christopher Jenner and Dr Shelley Ward were wonderful. The Pain Clinic team and theatre staff are all so kind and considerate and just wonderful. Marvellous care from start to finish. The people I’ve dealt with couldn’t have been nicer. Thank you all.  "

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Correct diagnosis and significant pain relief | G.W.

"I was struggling to lead a normal life due to chronic pain and had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  As my options appeared to be limited I visited Dr Jenner, as he was one of the few who specialised in the condition.  During my initial consultation Dr Jenner confirmed I did not have Fibromyalgia, rather my pain... »"

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Professional and helpful – I would recommend the clinic to ANYONE | P.B.

"I had suffered upper body pain in my shoulders, neck and arms for nearly five years. Despite attending my local GP who sent me for several tests and investigations I was not diagnosed with anything that would cause such pain, in fact I was told by one doctor that the pain was all in my head.... »"

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EVERYONE is professional, kind and caring | L.S.

"Can’t thank Dr. Jenner and his team enough for all they’ve done to help me with my horrid back pain!  The entire process, from the consultation to the anaesthetist at the hospital, was professional yet kind and caring.  I am happy to report I had a very good response to the back injections which have... »"

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New lease of life | S.C.

"Thank you, I feel an entirely different person now and I’m most grateful.  The clinic has given me a new lease of life, and they have a completely different attitude, looking at the whole person which I’ve never experienced before.  The treatment has made a profound difference to my life and the clinic team’s ability... »"

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The professional, expert team have given me my active lifestyle back | N.P.

"From the professional, highly efficient office staff, to the understanding, comforting expertise of Dr Jenner, my experience of the London Pain Clinic has been second to none. Dr Jenner diagnosed a problem which numerous other Pain Specialists had failed to detect, and his quick and painless procedures have transformed my life. Having suffered with constant... »"

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Alternatives to medication and immediate relief | J.M.

"Having been in pain for over 5 years following an accident I made an appointment for a consultation with Dr Jenner.  All other specialists could offer no help other than pain medication which does not suit me.  Dr Jenner got right to the heart of the cause of my pain and said “I can do... »"

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Life-changing treatment – I have my quality of life and happiness back | K.O.

"I am absolutely astounded at how my life has changed since Dr Jenner performed my procedure in June 2015.  I did say to him that I felt as if I was 80% pain free, and the range of movement that I have in my neck and left arm is amazing.  I was in so much... »"

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I can now walk without pain | H.H.

"Visiting the London Pain Clinic has made such a difference to me.  Dr Jenner, with his injections, has enabled me to walk without pain, which is something I had been unable to do for some considerable time. I cannot speak highly enough about the service and treatment there. All the staff go out of their... »"

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Now 80% pain-free, which I thought would NEVER happen | R.K.

"I have been on Flupirtine since May 2014. It’s taken a while but finally I am making a lot of progress and I am now up to 80% pain free, which is something I was convinced wouldn’t happen.  It hasn’t come without side effects, which have been difficult, but the pain relief has outweighed them... »"

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Dr Jenner listens and understands my flare ups | B.C.

"Dr Jenner read my pain ‘essay’ before my appointment so we were able to start our conversation immediately, without having to spend time going through the history.  He was very understanding of my situation and clearly understood the fact that when I have severe pain from several sources at the same time I can get... »"

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“Thank you” | B.M.

"I am making excellent progress and at last, out of pain.  Thank you for all your help."

Dr Chris Jenner… “THE BANE OF PAIN!” | T.N.

"Why suffer with this man around?  After needlessly enduring abdominal pain for eighteen months, I was cured after undergoing a twenty minute procedure – don’t just take my word, give Chris Jenner a visit….. you’ll not regret it."

Now pain free! | D.R.

"I am now in a pain free bubble of magic. Thank you to all the Team at The London Pain Clinic.  "

Amazing relief | T.W.

"The relief after my injections is amazing.  No patient should be nervous due to the total professionalism with which each case is handled, including the detailed explanation of procedures, drugs used, aftercare, possible problems and reassurance. I left feeling happy and relieved and I’m sure other patients do."

Priceless, second to none, a God send …. | C.B.

"Despite having to deal with all the dimensions of chronic pain on a daily basis, after exhausting all options available to me, Dr Jenner was highly recommended by my Consultant Clinical & Health Psychologist.    I just wanted to express what a pleasant experience it has been as a patient at the LPC. Regardless of... »"

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Compassionate approach | S.A.

"Thank you for seeing me and for the compassionate way you dealt with my pain and distress. "

Exceptional admin at the clinic! | M.G.

"Thank you for the speed & efficiency with which my letter has gone out!  I have always found all services received to be quick, timely, very helpful and cost effective.  The admin team are second to none!!"

Lasting relief from years of neck pain | J.B.

"Over the years I had been to several GPs about the sharp pain in my neck, but none of them could diagnose the problem, let alone suggest a cure. I was told that nothing could be done. Dr Jenner of the London Pain Clinic diagnosed the problem immediately, and made me aware of the various... »"

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Great results from Dr Jenner | S.K.

"  Earlier this year I started suffering from cluster migraines; I’ve always suffered from migraines but these were on a different level. Since I started seeing Dr Jenner and taking the medication he recommended I haven’t had a migraine in over eight weeks, whereas I was previously suffering from 10-20 a week.  This is a... »"

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I no longer need painkillers and can lead a normal life once again | S.B

"I am very pleased to recommend the London Pain Clinic.  Following successful surgery for sciatica, I developed chronic lower back pain. This caused so much tension throughout my body that I felt at times that I would have to take early retirement. I am very grateful to Dr Jenner and Maxine Rodriguez for their enthusiastic and... »"

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Thank you Dr Humble | H.J.

"Please pass on my thanks and gratitude to Dr Humble and I would also like to take this opportunity to say how positive I found the experience of attending at your Clinic and the warm welcome by staff greeting me.  "

Thanks so much | R. H

"Dear Dr Jenner, Many thanks for the injection procedures. I am walking without a walking stick this week… yippee! Feeling so much better physically and mentally – pain is a very exhausting process! Left heel still tender in places and lower spine and right foot to some extent – but vastly improved. In my shoulders... »"

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Excellent care | S. A

"Dear Dr Jenner, first of all thanks for your good care. Me and my entire family are grateful to you. I am back home now in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Thanks for your excellent care."

I feel as though I have new knees – remarkable | S. C

"As an arthritis sufferer (of unknown kind) I had enormous problems controlling pain, made even more difficult as I do not get on well with over the counter anti-inflammatory medicine. My arthritis was particularly painful in the neck and shoulder area.   I was advised to visit Dr. Jenner at The London Pain Clinic. I... »"

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Thanks for all that you did during my recovering process | R. K

"Dear Dr Jenner. Thank you very much for the signed book. I can’t say enough thanks for all that you did during my recovering process."

I’ve been 80% pain free for 9 weeks | H. C. H

"Having suffered with back pain for the past 25 years I was starting to think I would never find a cure or relief from the pain. Thankfully, I found Dr Jenner! I have now been 80% pain free for 9 weeks"

I now feel like the old me | S. J. S

"I first saw Dr Jenner about a year ago having suffered with fibromyalgia for five years and being constantly in pain. After my consultation I was put on Pregabalin (along with other medication) to settle the nerves and advised to have some physio with his specialist pain physiotherapist Maxine Rodriguez.   I had been struggling... »"

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The entire team make you feel so welcome | P. H

"Everyone is so nice. All the team make you feel so welcome that you want to go back and see them again. The administration team are always so friendly and helpful and Dr Jenner is really good, not only as a Doctor but he is really nice to talk too. He is very welcoming and... »"

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I have made a full recovery thanks to the London Pain Clinic | S. B

"Under the NHS I was diagnosed with Alkalosis Spondylitis and possible fibromyalgia. I was referred for “pain management” and told I had to manage my pain as there was nothing they could do and that I should consider going part time or leaving work. They even sent me for psychiatric assessment when I challenged their... »"

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Within a short period I had significant pain reduction | B. S

"I attended the London Pain Clinic and saw Dr Jenner in September 2014 in relation to a considerable amount of pain I was experiencing from a shingles infection. Dr Jenner replaced my existing pain killer and within a few weeks I had a significant reduction in pain and discomfort. I am grateful to the Clinic... »"

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Dr Jenner reduced my pain significantly | K. B

"Dr Jenner reduced my severe pain significantly using a combination of nerve medication and botox and I am eternally grateful to him."

I cannot recommend the London Pain Clinic highly enough | N. P

"From my first contact with the Pain Clinic Secretaries, I was immensely impressed with their friendly, courteous and overwhelming efficiency. Dr Jenner put me at ease instantly with his refreshingly positive attitude, and I came away from my first appointment filled with great hope.   Dr Jenner subsequently performed a variety of pain relieving injections... »"

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Completely pain-free for the first time in 2 years! | S. F

"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia two years ago and have seen various specialists and been to a pain management clinic but am now for the first time in two years completely pain-free. Dr Jenner made me feel totally at ease, he has a great bedside manner, he listened to me, he was easy to talk... »"

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The best Pain Specialists I have dealt with | A. H

"The London Pain Clinic are by far the best Pain Specialists I have dealt with."

The pain is a lot more bearable now | K. M

"I’ve seen a lot of doctors in the past 6 months of this nightmare, some totally rude and unhelpful. Dr Jenner has been the best by far, the most down to earth and the only one truly willing to listen. The drugs he prescribed have made the pain a lot more bearable than anything else... »"

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Dr Jenner puts the interests of his patients first | Y. B

"Dr Jenner is a doctor who genuinely puts the interests of his patient first. He is very honest and will tell it as he sees it. He is very good at procedures and able to calm nervous patients. He has shown me an incredible amount of patience and perseverance when other doctors did not or... »"

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Dr Jenner has given me a new lease of life | T. J

"I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia for some years and suffer pain so severe that on certain days it was difficult to even get out of a chair.   Earlier this year I saw the entry on the internet for the London Pain Clinic, and arranged an appointment with Dr Jenner.   Within days of... »"

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My quality of life has improved measurably | D. B

"I’ve lived with chronic pain for years and have found it difficult to get either understanding or help managing it. I have fibromyalgia and arthritic knees, back and hips and chronic pain at the site of various operations. When my GP suggested the Clinic, I was relieved to know there was a possibility of some... »"

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Miracle – Transformed my life! | P. N

"I suffered from bad knee pain following a skiing injury, but my other knee was ok. I was told by my GP that there were only two ways to treat my knee pain, physiotherapy or a knee replacement. I did not fancy either of those options. So I did some research and took the middle... »"

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I now have no pain | C. P

"I write to offer my sincere thanks for the treatment you recommended on my left hip. I am pleased to say I now have no pain and am walking normally again without any limp. I found your service prompt, efficient, effective and thoroughly professional throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others... »"

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Considerable relief of pain symptoms | V. M

"Both my daughter and I found the staff at the London Pain Clinic all very friendly and professional and made what could have been an unpleasant experience very easy for her. My daughter had a minimally invasive procedure undertaken by Dr Jenner, who was very personable and explained everything to us along the way. We... »"

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I received excellent treatment | C. W

"“Before I approached Dr Jenner for my pelvic pain, I had undergone 9 operations under 3 different urologists, and my pain was life-dominating, to the point where my next step would have been to have my bladder removed. Obviously, I was not keen on the idea of this at age 28. Dr Jenner had worked... »"

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My symptoms are much better | A.K

"After having developed inexplicable, severe pelvic pain over two years ago, in April this year I was finally at the end of my tether – and so were my gynaecologist and GP. All tests, CTs and MRIs came back as normal, but after having had around 30 operations in my life I do know what... »"

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Your treatment helped reduce my pain | P.C

"Dear Dr Jenner and the team at the London Pain Clinic. I would like to thank you all for the exceptional service and help that I have received over the last month. I can honestly say that in a short time span, you have managed to decrease my pain issues dramatically. I realised yesterday that... »"

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Virtually pain free for the first time in six months | Carer of PH

"P is virtually pain free for the first time in six months or so. Please pass on his sincere thanks to Doctor Jenner and to his team."