Thank you from the bottom of my heart to The London Pain Clinic team for giving me back my life.

I have been treated by the London Pain Clinic under Dr Chris Jenner for around 4 years now. I had previously spent 5 years in London being pushed from one doctor to another after a very extreme skiing accident at 18 years old which led to very complex back and hip injuries that weren’t treated quickly enough or correctly. I was getting absolutely nowhere with my back and hip condition and the pain was left to the point of despair.

I was finally referred to Dr Jenner and he and his team dramatically changed my life straight away. He was shocked at the amount of opioids/medications the previous doctors had given me to just mask my pain and not sort the issues themselves.

Dr Jenner is extremely thorough, very professional but hugely personable. He always gives 100% of his attention and time to you (any other doctor I’ve seen had cut me off after 10 minutes and I’d been left to feel very upset by them and hurt by their total lack of care while I was in extreme pain.) I had lost all faith in doctors completely and I felt like I was drowning in pain until I met Dr Jenner.

When I first met him, my quality of life was extremely poor. He immediately put a plan together to help me. I was instantly booked in for procedures and we started the process of sorting the actual spinal and hip issues.

He is the most supportive and understanding doctor I have ever met and he has a wonderful energy about him.

His administration team are extremely attentive, hugely organised and always manage to fit you in straight away be it an appointment with Dr Jenner, an operation/procedure/injections – you name it they manage to fit you in as soon as possible. I felt so incredibly supported by both Dr Jenner and his whole team and I honestly couldn’t recommend The London Pain Clinic team highly enough. They really are one of their kind with the highest standard of care.

I was a lost soul filled with pain and really wanted to give up on life. Dr Jenner and his team changed that for me and I am now after 9 years finally living again and starting work for the first time in years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to The London Pain Clinic team for giving me back my life. I am eternally grateful.

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