Dr Ivan Ramos-Galvez

Consultant in Pain Medicine

A Consultant in Pain Medicine, Dr Ivan Ramos-Galvez came to the UK from Barcelona in 1997. His current NHS practice is at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

After extensive training and practice in spinal surgery in the Oxford Deanery, he undertook further study and training in pain medicine. His specialism in both of these complex areas of medicine means he is often called upon to provide an opinion within his clinical practice or as an expert witness.

He extends his knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of the spine to aid in the long-term treatment of patients in pain. He is a strong advocate and leader in the education of both patients and primary care physicians.

His key areas of expertise lie within the core of pain medicine; neuropathic pain and CRPS, Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritic degenerative joint pain, primarily of the back and neck. Both his NHS and private practice are based within a multidisciplinary setting, where his patients can benefit from the important rehabilitative impact of bespoke state-of-the-art physiotherapy.

Dr Ramos-Galvez has developed close links into several other specialisms including spinal surgery and cancer/palliative care and is frequently called upon to treat patients when conventional methods of pain relief have failed. He has a keen interest in neuropathic pain and CRPS and has developed a treatment portfolio ranging from simple oral anti-neuropathic agents to neuromodulation.

Being part of a large spinal surgical department, he has a fundamental and in-depth understanding of neuropathic pain and CRPS following surgery. He has developed a multi-disciplinary unit for the assessment and treatment of patients suffering with Fibromyalgia within his practice and incorporates a large spectrum of pharmacological options, as well as rehabilitative programs.

He is regularly called on to speak on the widespread impact of chronic pain and the benefits of early management of the disease. He developed a training program for junior doctors in acute pain management in the North Thames (Imperial Deanery) and is a published author of several chapters in internationally acclaimed textbooks of pain medicine as well as journals. He also developed the training program for the management of acute and chronic pain for the Royal College of Surgeons.

When not at work, Dr Ramos-Galvez enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, cycling and kayaking. He also likes to relax with a deep meaningful film that triggers debate, and when time permits, indulges in his passion in historical reading.