London Pain Clinic in the Media

London Pain Clinic Consultants contribute to national press articles and media on a range of pain-related subjects; you can read a selection of these below.

Press Enquiries should be directed to Kelly Staff, Practice Manager

The Telegraph 20th August 2018:

Could laser therapy solve your chronic back pain? : contributor Dr. Attam Singh


Scottish Daily Mail 12 Feb 2018:

5 ways to beat pain : contributor Dr. Attam Singh


Boots Web MD 2016:


Treating Fibromyalgia Pain : contributor Dr Chris Jenner



Huffington Post 25 July 2016:

Huff Post pain article

The Science Of Pain: Pain is a universal human experience – and one that’s very tricky to understand : contributor Dr Stephen Humble


The Independent 8 June 2016:

Title page

“Vulvodynia: What is it, what are the symptoms and how can it be treated?” : contributor Dr Chris Jenner



Tatler Magazine’s Doctors Guide 2013

Tatler icon“Founder of the London Pain Clinic, Dr Chris Jenner, has been recognised as one of the top 250 consultants in the UK. Selected as a leader in the Pain Specialist category, Dr Jenner is praised for excellence in treating persistent spinal, nerve, bone and joint pain. With his colleague and fellow pain consultant Dr Jonathan Stewart, he has championed an interdisciplinary approach to patient care, duly recognised in this prestigious Doctors Guide, produced annually by Tatler Magazine.”


The Fibromyalgia Magazine (regular monthly contributor: Dr Chris Jenner)


May 2016 – Travelling With Fibromyalgia

April 2016 – Fibromyalgia Your Questions Answered

March 2016 – Fibromyalgia Your Questions Answered

February 2016 – Fibromyalgia Receives Official Diagnosis in US December 2015 – Fibromyalgia Your Questions Answered

January 2016 – Trigger Point Injections Your Questions Answered

December 2015 – Fibromyalgia Your Questions Answered

November 2015 – How Melatonin Helps With Fibromyalgia

October 2015 – How Does The Brain’s Immune System Affect Fibromyalgia.docx

September 2015 – Living With Fibromyalgia -Current Treatments & Thinking

August 2015 – Summering With Fibromyalgia


Women’s Running magazine


Women’s Running May 2016 “Pain Pain Go Away” : contributor Dr Stephen Humble







Men’s Health magazine


Mens Health May 2016 “Paracetemol vs Ibuprofen” : contributor Dr Stephen Humble








Pain News : A Publication of the British Pain Society

March 2016 Vol 14 No 1 pages 25-27
June 2016 Vol 14 No 2 pages 64-66