Outpatient Clinic

Ultrasound Guided Injections

At the London Pain Clinic we offer outpatient injections under high resolution ultrasound image guidance using the latest clinical technology.  We use long acting local anaesthetic and steroid with or without Botox and other injectables such as viscosupplementation, subject to assessment.  You will first require an initial assessment with one of our Pain Consultants, following which if ultrasound guided injections are recommended for you, we can book you in.

Our Consultants routinely perform ultrasound guided injections to joints, nerves, muscles and spinal facets to treat pain and inflammation.


Outpatient ultrasound guided injections can be performed at the consulting room, safely and quickly without the need for a theatre setting or sedation, meaning that the cost to patients is far less and convenience far greater.  An added benefit is that there is no exposure to radiation unlike x ray guided injections.

We offer very competitive prices from only £575.00 for our self funding patients.  A confirmed fee will be provided to you once you are assessed and we know precisely what injection you need. 

Non-image guided injections

Other injections such as simple muscular trigger point injections can be administered without the need for image guidance or sedation.  We routinely perform such injections using steroid and long acting local anaesthetic for pain relief, with or without other injectables such as Botox or viscosupplementation.  Your Consultant will make recommendations as to what substances would best benefit you once you have been formally assessed.  These such injections start from only £475.00

If you have any queries regarding outpatient injections please contact the team on 0207 118 0250, or if you would like an approximate quote for an injection please get in touch.

The London Pain Clinic Group reserves the right to increase prices to reflect increased costs.