Nerve Pain

Nerve pain or neuropathic pain can be debilitating for the sufferer. It is the result of damage and/or dysfunction to parts of the sensory nervous system. Nerve pain can be caused by a variety of underlying conditions from local trauma to viral infections.


Patients complain of very severe, intense pain and may describe relentless, burning, sharp, stabbing or electric shock-like pain. There may be an associated loss of function with disability and often the affected area can be hypersensitive. Nerve pain often causes an increase in distress and anxiety and can lead to depression.
It is common for nerve pain to appear in many forms and often goes misdiagnosed and mistreated. Doctors at the London Pain Clinic are experts in the various nerve pain conditions. They have spent many years working with patients who suffer from all types of nerve pain and understand that each patient requires individual consideration when it comes to their specific symptoms.


The causes for nerve pain are complex but the good news is that with the right diagnosis and expert treatment, your nerve pain can be significantly improved, whether your problem is:


At the London Pain Clinic we have the right combination of effective treatments to tackle your condition and put you on the road to a pain-free life. To begin your recovery from nerve pain, please call 020 7118 0250 or email the London Pain Clinic.