Pain Resources

Here are a number of excellent pain management resources for patients who are experiencing painful conditions, however not all of these may be appropriate for your particular symptoms, so please speak to your consultant before undertaking any home exercises or applying any techniques.



For patients with desk-based or sedentary jobs Dr Jenner recommends the book ‘Deskbound’ by Dr Kelly Starrett, as well as using the ‘Stand Up‘ application available on mobile devices to get people up and out of their chairs regularly.

Dr Jenner also recommends the ‘Paleo Approach’ diet by Chris Kresser, who has a very good website and book. 

Another excellent book resource is ‘Explain Pain’ by David S Butler.  It covers many of the practical techniques patients can use in an easy way and is highly recommended by one of our lead physiotherapists; Explain Pain by David S Butler

Dr Jenner has also released a book for people struggling with Back and Neck Pain, called ‘Neck and Back Pain: A self-help guide: A Practical Guide to Getting on With Your Life‘ and is available on Amazon.


Dr Jenner recommends the following websites:



Dr Jenner recommends the following with regards to desensitisation exercises:


Our partner physiotherapists West London Physio publish a helpful and insightful blog:

For those with sedentary and/or desk-based jobs please check out and  West London Physio also recommend a chair company called Corrigo


I also recommend the ‘Paleo Approach’ diet by Chris Kresser, who has a very good website and book.

But again, the above resources should be used to complement your pain management treatment plan or programme, and shouldn’t be undertaken without medical supervision.