Musculoskeletal Pain

Musculoskeletal pain can have an enormous adverse effect on your quality of life, along with significant pain.

Simple day to day activities such as walking, gardening or even getting up from your chair can be become difficult or even excruciatingly painful. Musculoskeletal Pain Treatment and Diagnosis at London Pain ClinicThe reasons for musculoskeletal pain vary from overworked muscles and joints, wear and tear of joints (arthritis), prolonged immobility or an underlying condition. Whatever the cause there is an answer, whether your problem is:

At the London Pain Clinic, we have the diagnostic expertise and latest medical technology to treat your musculoskeletal pain. Since the causes and presentation of this type of pain can vary so widely, effective treatment should focus on the individual needs of the patient and not general advice. At the London Pain Clinic we specialise in expert one to one care to help treat your musculoskeletal pain. To begin your journey to a pain free life, please call us on 020 7118 0250 or email the London Pain Clinic.