Investigations and Referrals

As part of your comprehensive, holistic assessment, your Consultant may require you to have some further investigations performed in order to formulate your treatment plan.



If you need an MRI our preferred providers of high resolution 3T scans are Nuada Medical Imaging (Queen Anne St W1) and Vista Diagnostics (Waterloo).  We have negotiated excellent prices for our self funding patients at Vista Diagnostics with MRIs at £225 per body part.  If you require other imaging such as ultrasound or CT we will talk to you about where we will refer you.


Blood Tests

If you require urgent blood tests and need these doing privately, we will refer you to The Doctors’ Laboratory (Patient Reception is at 76 Wimpole Street).  Otherwise we can ask your GP to organise these for you at your practice.


Referrals to other specialists

Sometimes where patients have not had the root cause of their pain determined, or where results of investigations suggest that you need input from other specialists, we may need to refer you to our colleagues in other areas of medicine, for example a foot and ankle surgeon, or a consultant gynaecologist.  Where this is recommended we will talk to you about arranging the referrals and liaise with the other specialists regarding your assessment and treatment. 


Referrals for physical therapy

We will commonly want you to see a physical therapist as part of your treatment plan as our approach is holistic – but your consultant will talk to you about whether this is appropriate in your particular case.  Before you commence any physical therapy we will look to reduce your pain and enable a ‘pain free window’, whether with medication or minimally invasive pain management procedures, to enable any physical rehabilitation.  If your consultant recommends physical therapy it is crucial that you pursue this, as this rehabilitation can make a huge difference to your long term condition and prognosis.