Fibromyalgia was taking it’s toll on my life

Fibromyalgia was taking it’s toll on my life. I was always in pain, especially in my upper back, neck and shoulders. My upper body felt completely locked and I had very little movement . Everything was a chore and I was constantly tired and depressed.

Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia many years ago, I had tried different treatments such as :massage, osteopathy, chiropractic treatment, Alexander Technique etc. to no avail, nothing helped long term. I was prescribed amitriptyline which helped initially but this interfered with my heart rhythm so I could no longer take it.
Last year, after believing that I would be in pain for the rest of my life, my husband stepped in and found the London Pain Clinic on the internet. We were both impressed with the testimonials for fibromyalgia treatment and I decided to make an appointment.

I have never looked back. From first meeting Dr Jenner I felt immediately that he knew what he was talking about. On a swift examination he provisionally diagnosed fibromyalgia and arthritis in the neck with narrowing of the discs. This was confirmed by an MRI scan arranged for the following week.

I was started on anti-inflammatory tablets together with anti-neuropathic medication, gradually increasing the dose. I was also referred to Maxine Rodriguez, the Specialist Pain Physiotherapist. From day one, she was very patient and informative about the workings of the body. She knew exactly how to manipulate and stretch the problem areas. With regular sessions and a home exercise programme, after eight months I am now able to move my head, neck and shoulders freely and without pain. I have a home exercise programme that I will need to continue to prevent any further problems.

I feel that I finally have my life back! At the age of 64 I was recently able to join my grandsons on a “Go Ape” adventure trail including going on a zip wire, something which I would have avoided at all costs before. I have more energy and have regained my confidence.

I am extremely grateful to Dr Jenner and Maxine and can not praise them highly enough.

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