Helpful, hopeful and approachable – and now I’m 80% pain-free!

I would like to say from the first phone call to London Pain Clinic everyone was so easy to speak to and very helpful.

From my first appointment with Dr Jenner, I felt some hope. He had an easy, approachable manner which I really appreciated, at this time I could barely sit on a chair.

I had suffered with chronic pain for about a year, but with much more severity the last 6 months, where at times I could not even get into my bed, due to spasms and pains that felt like electric shocks on most of my movements. I had not had proper sleep for months. It had a real impact on my life not being able to work, drive or even walk at times due to the pain affecting my legs.  Dr Jenner was the first professional that explained my MRI results in detail, in a way that I could understand. I knew my lower back was a mess, but he even told me about all the different types of pain that I was feeling.  To me just understanding was so helpful. He went on to say that he was going to change a lot of my medication again he explained all about what the various pills were for. Dr Jenner went on to say that he recommended that I have spinal injections and that he could do this procedure in a couple of weeks.

I left that first appointment feeling at last something was happening and that there was some hope.  I would be able get some sleep and relief from my pain. The mix of tablets helped the pain and I could sleep too.   Being powerful drugs I was unable to drive still, but as I only had a few weeks to wait for the day of my procedure I could see a light at the end of the tunnel.

On the day I was admitted (as a day case) it all went smoothly. Dr Jenner and his anaesthetist came to my room (which was very comfortable) to have a quick chat. I was taken to the theatre and given approximately ten injections which were x-ray guided and a spinal root epidural. I was asleep so did not feel these! I was allowed home several hours later and told to take it easy for the week. After 10 days I had some gentle physio at LPC which was extremely helpful.

By the time I saw Dr Jenner for a follow up appointment 5 weeks later, I had driven, been doing short walks and had gone back to school where I worked several mornings a week.  I was also having regular physio. When he asked what percentage of my pain had gone I said about 80% – Dr Jenner was as delighted as I was.

I am still improving and working to strengthen my core muscles to help my back. I know this is not a cure for me, it is respite, to get myself as strong and fit as I possibly can. I have no doubt that I will be seeing Dr Jenner again in the future!

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