“I should like to share my overwhelmingly positive experience with the London Pain Clinic” – Video

I should like to share my overwhelmingly positive experience with the London Pain Clinic.

I self referred to Dr Jenner at the end of February suffering from severe sciatica and general muscular immobility in my legs. Following an MRI in mid January this pain had been linked to a bulging disc in the L4/L5 area of my lower back. Physiotherapy had been recommended by two experts and although there was initially some improvement there was still a lot of pain. I referred to Dr Jenner to request stronger pain killers to assist with the physiotherapy.

Fortunately Dr Jenner recognised that my condition was very serious indeed and he immediately recommended an updated MRI scan. Although very late in the day his back up team were able to arrange a scan within the hour at a location close by. The strong medication was also immediately prescribed.

The next morning Dr Jenner called with the results of the scan and pointed out I need to see a neurosurgeon as a matter of urgency. Again his back office staff kicked into action trying to get an appointment as soon as possible. When it became clear I would have to wait 24 hours for an appointment it was then proposed that I self refer to the Emergency Care Centre at the Wellington Hospital as there would be an on call neurosurgeon. This I did and in parallel a referral letter was composed and transmitted to me by e mail so I could present this at the Wellington Hospital.

I was seen by the neurosurgeon at 7.00pm and underwent major back surgery at midnight that evening.

Had it not been for the exceptional nature of the diagnosis and follow up by the London Pain Clinic team I could have been in a very serious situation perhaps involving partial paralysis and urinary incontinence.

I cannot speak highly enough about the professionalism and attention to detail for patient welfare and practical advice. I am now pain free and walking normally thanks to the insights and actions taken by the London Pain Clinic.”

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