Before finding Dr Jenner I was ready to give up work

Before I met with Dr Jenner I was ready to give up work as I was in so much pain. I was thinking that I may be able to manage a couple more months but nothing more. However, at my initial assessment consultation with Dr Jenner, he was able to diagnose my condition and also provide a treatment plan to treat the cause of the condition by medication and physiotherapy.


Now it is 3 years on and I am back in full time work. My advice would be that if you think that it is getting too much and if you have tried numerous other doctors that seem unable to diagnose exactly what is going on, please meet with Dr Jenner. I am certain that without Dr Jenner, I would not be back at work, which is really important for me and my family. Dr Jenner has helped a lot and gave me the time that I needed to discuss my condition.  It helped that he is really funny!

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