Now 80% pain-free, which I thought would NEVER happen

I have been on Flupirtine since May 2014. It’s taken a while but finally I am making a lot of progress and I am now up to 80% pain free, which is something I was convinced wouldn’t happen.  It hasn’t come without side effects, which have been difficult, but the pain relief has outweighed them in the end. 


I have gradually been lowering my dosage for the past couple of months and I am going to continue on that path until I am drug free and we will see from there…  It is the first drug, out of a number (I’ve tried), for me that have been able to manage my pain levels and side effects together.


Everybody who works with Dr Jenner (Stephanie, Sasha and Janice) are all extremely efficient, so helpful and friendly, which makes everything very easy.  Dr Jenner has been really patient throughout the whole process and stuck with his original plan the whole time. He’s really friendly and has helped me loads.

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