I feel as though I have new knees – remarkable

As an arthritis sufferer (of unknown kind) I had enormous problems controlling pain, made even more difficult as I do not get on well with over the counter anti-inflammatory medicine. My arthritis was particularly painful in the neck and shoulder area.


I was advised to visit Dr. Jenner at The London Pain Clinic. I was very impressed with Dr. Jenner’s “can do” approach and appreciation of my problem.


Dr. Jenner suggested various options for my pain relief, and as I needed to be pain free for a three week trip to the USA it was imperative that I was pain free. I am pleased to say that I opted for an epidural and injections into the facet joint of my neck.


Whilst this sounds quite unpleasant, I can assure anyone that the whole procedure was very well managed at St. John’s and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in St. John’s Wood, and the whole event from admission as a day case, to going home, took only a few hours, and was not at all painful.
The procedure meant that I could have a pain free holiday, and the effects lasted several months. The pain has now settled down and is very manageable. So in short, a great success.


However, as the nature of arthritis is so unpredictable, I then started to have major pain problems with both my knees. So I went back to see Dr. Jenner for his advice. Dr. Jenner again suggested various options, and in this case I opted for an injection in both knees. Again the procedure was carried out at St. John’s and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, needless to say the procedure was well managed, and a great success, suffice as to say I feel as though I have new knees, and it really is quite remarkable.


So my future now does not look so bleak because of Dr. Jenner’s expertise, and the very professional and kind staff at the St. John’s and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Many thanks and congratulations to you all.

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