This procedure has shown me my lust for life again.

This is just an email to write to all of you to say thank you so much for the best treatment.

I feel like I was really well listened to, I feel my treatment was appropriate and as comfortable as possible. As always Dr Singh is a real asset to the team. The same goes for everyone working in the office.

Thank you for accommodating all of my needs with good grace and having patience with me with all of my emails, phone calls and also emails and calls from my husband.

The hospital was absolutely outstanding and I had a really positive experience when I was there yesterday. All of the facilities were beautiful and clean. My room was quiet and comfortable. The HCA and the nurse were both so caring and kind.

The theatre team were superb and really put my mind at ease. The anaesthetic nurse got into my vein the very first time (this has never happened before) I was showered in affection and got to join in with jokes in what was a terribly stressful time for me and my husband.

I truly hope I won’t need any more procedures and that I’ll be comfortable now for a while. If it’s not the case I know I am able to go and get rapid and compassionate treatment from The London Pain Clinic and that is most of the stress of being in pain sorted.

This procedure has shown me my lust for life again. It’s guided my husband and me back to the path of adventure we used to take before I was ill.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

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