I was assessed as a whole person

I first met Dr Jenner earlier this year in the midst of ongoing chronic pain suffering severe spinal trauma.  I had seen numerous doctors and had been given an enormous variety of pain relief medication, none of which touched or even diluted the intensity of pain. 


As a clinician myself I had had to take a considerable amount of time away from my patients which was a huge concern for me.  In a matter of moments of meeting Dr Jenner, he quickly and comprehensively assessed the priorities of my situation.  Not only the levels of my physical pain and trauma but also the impact this had on my overall way of being able to function, including my professional work and my concerns regarding this.  The entirety of my medication was re-examined as was my medical history and presenting problems. 


What struck me most throughout our first meeting (and also subsequent ones) was Dr Jenner’s astute awareness in exploring the immediate physiological arresting difficulties, together with the levels of pain and the priorities necessary for me personally.   As such, I wasn’t simply given yet another tablet but a considered combination of medication which would manage the current crisis and then be able to be adjusted effortlessly.  I experienced being seen as a whole person, not a medical condition requiring treatment.  Dr Jenner also informed me of more details regarding my MRI than the initial consultant had of which I am so grateful.


Within 24 hours, the degree of pain noticeably decreased and I slept through the night.  By the time of my first follow-up appointment a week later, movement had returned in my leg and, within the following two weeks I returned to work.  Given the degenerative condition I have means I will need to return in time.  What matters most, is I now feel secure in knowing who to go to.


Significantly, I very much want to highlight given my speedy recovery that Dr Jenner found the perfect balance.  He knew once I was able to get back to work I would need to be as involved in this as much as possible without sabotaging my physical  health and progress.  So some of the subsequent follow-up appointments might not be practical unless they were necessary and if they were, I would of course be seen immediately.  He entrusted me with all he had provided and also ensured his team would ‘check-in’ with me for the next few weeks, which they did.  I felt incredibly supported during my recovery and with Dr Jenner’s further recommendations with physiotherapy and post- crisis care.


With his profound and evident knowledge and highly approachable manner, Dr Jenner’s skills not only address getting rid of pain as quickly as possible but he also helps to take away the feelings of catastrophe that real physical pain evokes.

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