Effective treatment, proper aftercare and monitoring

I am writing this testimonial about the London Pain Clinic and my experience of the care, treatment and aftercare I received at the clinic.


From the first moment I arrived and met Dr Jenner, it was clear that he was surprised with the lack of aftercare treatment I’d received from my local hospital after a course of chemotherapy, and after reading my notes immediately suggested a course of treatment to relieve my pain.


We then proceeded to treatment – a lower back injection – at a private hospital in St. John’s Wood, and almost immediately I felt a huge relief, like a new person.  My pain had reduced by 80% and I felt so much better and could do so much more!  Afterwards, the doctor prescribed me some tablets to further improve my condition and put me on a course of physiotherapy with Maxine. 


I feel so much better.


I would highly recommend the London Pain Clinic to anyone who has been frustrated and in pain for a long time as my situation was virtually cured overnight, and with the proper aftercare and monitoring from the staff I have made great progress.

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