Dr Jenner listens and understands my flare ups

Dr Jenner read my pain ‘essay’ before my appointment so we were able to start our conversation immediately, without having to spend time going through the history.  He was very understanding of my situation and clearly understood the fact that when I have severe pain from several sources at the same time I can get ‘overwhelmed’ by it and really suffer, and that while it is an occasional occurrence it stops me carrying on with my life and also causes me very significant distress. 

He recognised that I don’t need constant pain (or other kinds of) medication, or surgical or other treatment, I just need something at these specific times.  We had a very open and honest, and therefore very constructive, conversation about my pain and proper use of pain medication.  He prescribed me small quantities of 2 strong pain killers for occasional use and we agreed I would try them and see him again in 6 months (to give me long enough to compare them).  He also told me he had no concerns about prescribing them for me going forward.

I have found that just knowing I have something with which I can control the pain if / when it returns has made me feel better.  I think that this is because I am no longer as afraid of it so can relax more about it, just forget about it more.  It’s being able to say ‘Hey pain, be off with you, I’m in control now!’ which makes all the difference. 

Having a consultation with an understanding and caring physician such as Dr Jenner, who does not dismiss your pain and does not insist that you just have to ‘learn to deal with it’ yourself and abandon you to your own devices and even deny that the pain could possibly be as bad as you know it is, was just a wonderful and uplifting experience.  We even had some laughs!  I will definitely recommend him to anyone I meet who is struggling with managing their pain.

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