Life-changing treatment – I have my quality of life and happiness back

I am absolutely astounded at how my life has changed since Dr Jenner performed my procedure in June 2015.  I did say to him that I felt as if I was 80% pain free, and the range of movement that I have in my neck and left arm is amazing.  I was in so much pain every day, which did get me down after years of suffering, and which had affected every area of my life, from doing simple tasks to driving and sleeping, putting clothes on or carrying things.  


I could never get comfortable and suffered with hideous headaches daily, which are now gone.  I can drive more easily being able to look behind me when reversing etc, I can actually sleep for a full 7-8 hours at night, as opposed to the broken nights I had before, managing only 1 to 2 hours at a time. 


I was previously on an array of different medications for the pain but no longer need to take pain medication.  


I can honestly say it has totally changed my life – I was always in pain before and that showed on my face at times and affected my mood and the people around me. 


I also couldn’t work due to the pain and no sleep.  I am delighted to say that I now have a part time job doing what I used to do over 20 years ago which is as a qualified Masseuse/Beauty Therapist and I am now able to help those in pain myself, which is great!  My relationships are much better because I am not in constant debilitating pain and am able to enjoy my life more, given that the quality for me is so much better, and I’m a lot happier! 


I am deeply grateful to Dr Jenner and his lovely team, who were wonderful, friendly and totally understanding right from the start, before my treatment and after.  Everything was explained to me in detail and I was reassured throughout my consultation and procedure, with Dr Jenner personally following up some weeks later to see how I was doing.


I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone.  I truly and honestly am so very grateful to him.

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