My symptoms are much better

After having developed inexplicable, severe pelvic pain over two years ago, in April this year I was finally at the end of my tether – and so were my gynaecologist and GP. All tests, CTs and MRIs came back as normal, but after having had around 30 operations in my life I do know what “normal” pain feels like, and never had I experienced anything like this before. So I finally decided to see Dr Jenner. The entire team at the clinic are fantastic, always responsive and “on the ball”. After just the first consultation, Dr Jenner had a pretty good idea of what was wrong with me and what could be done about it.


I have now been on medication for six months and am pleased to say that so far my symptoms are much better and the pain is no longer taking over my everyday life. Dr Jenner is extremely approachable and explains things properly. He has a great sense of humour – which certainly helps if the patient sometimes feels as if she was mad and imagining it all! Dr Jenner and his team’s genuine interest and desire to help their patients is second to none.

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