My quality of life has improved measurably

I’ve lived with chronic pain for years and have found it difficult to get either understanding or help managing it. I have fibromyalgia and arthritic knees, back and hips and chronic pain at the site of various operations. When my GP suggested the Clinic, I was relieved to know there was a possibility of some understanding.


I was cautious about my expectations and so when Dr. Jenner was non-judgmental about my need for medication and in fact positive about how my pain could be managed, I was encouraged. Within a month of the new regime, my quality of life had improved measurably. I felt energetic, positive and my plea of “I want to feel myself again” was heard and achieved.


It has been a few months now and although I am not always pain free, I know how to manage the pain and more importantly, where to go for support and help. My zip is back and I am enjoying being able to climb stairs, go for walks and play with my granddaughter!

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