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If you are experiencing painful, tender spots throughout your body accompanied by varying levels of fatigue, you could be suffering from Fibromyalgia.

A frustrating condition often associated with stiffness and even cognitive problems, the scope and severity of Fibromyalgia symptoms vary widely from patient to patient.

At London Pain Clinic, we are experts in tailoring a care plan with the pain needs of the individual in mind..

Back Pain

Back pain can be extremely debilitating.

Any level of back discomfort can prevent you from enjoying even simple pleasures, like relaxing outdoors or gentle exercise.

We have specialised in back pain for many years and use personal care and state of the art technology to get you back to your best.

Head & Face Pain

Anyone can fall prey to chronic head and face pain but sadly,
sufferers are misdiagnosed every day.

Symptoms including eye pain, frequent headaches or a stiff neck or shoulder muscles can indicate a much more complicated condition. Therefore it is vital that such complaints are correctly intepreted.

Neck Pain

If you’ve been suffering from chronic neck pain you’ll know how frustrating it can be.
Aside from often extreme discomfort, sufferers are often misdiagnosed and left wondering if the problem can ever be solved.
Well, at the London Pain Clinic we employ leading edge methods and are meticulous in addressing your pain– enabling you to get back to life at your very best.

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Pain Types:

London’s Leading Harley Street Pain Consultants Deal with Multiple Complaints and Will Get You Feeling Back to Normal.

Spine Pain

Spinal disorders can cause significant distress and rob sufferers of a fulfilling life.
At the London Pain Clinic we have treated countless patients living with
unimaginable states of physical
discomfort. It is our commitment to offer you a lasting solution. Through expert diagnosis and tailored
treatment plans, we can make your spine pain a thing of the past..

Nerve Pain

When the vast communication
network between the brain and the rest of the body are damaged, nerve pain or neuropathic pain is often the result.

Here at the London Pain Clinic, we are experts in the successfully healing these nerves and eliminating the pain, allowing you to put nerve pain behind you and get on with your life..

Musculoskeletal Pain

Any degree of musculoskeletal pain can cause great discomfort, effecting the things you like to do best.
Relaxing, exercise or even rolling over in your sleep can become impossible.

At the London Pain Clinic we do what it takes to give you an accurate
diagnosis, allowing our specialist doctors to deliver a tailored treatment to get you fighting fit, fast..
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