What is Sacral Nerve Root Block & What Does it Do?

Spinal injections, including sacral nerve blocks, can be administered by a Pain Specialist in order to lower your level of inflammation, & numb painful nerve signals, thereby helping you improve your quality of life via the management of unwelcome spinal pain & the accompanying pain which radiates into the limbs & buttocks”

Countless people suffer from sacroiliac (SI) joint pain, which extends to the low part of the back and the buttocks. “So what is the cause?” – The root of the problem is injury or damage to the joint which is in-between your spine and your hip.

The Need For Correct Diagnosis

Sacroiliac pain is frequently mistaken for other painful conditions. – Examples of these are hip issues, or a herniated disc. – The latter occurs when one of the disks (rubbery cushions), which is situated between the individual vertebrae (bones), bulges out, slips, or ruptures. To that end, an accurate diagnosis from an experienced Pain Specialist is crucial in order to determine the exact source of your pain.

The Low Down on a Sacral Nerve Root Block

Generally speaking, nerve root block treatment is done under local anaesthetic. – This means that only the area in question will be numbed, and that you will be fully awake throughout the procedure. If you feel anxious, then your Pain Specialist can easily give you some sedation, to help you feel at ease.

You will be given an X-ray, and asked to lay down on your front, on a comfortable surface. The Pain Specialist will then place the injection into your lower back (close to the root of the sacral nerve). In order to help place the needle in the precise location, the doctor will use a nerve stimulator, and look at your X-ray. In most cases, the procedure takes 20minutes to half an hour.

Will I Feel Any Pain?

Once your skin is numb, you should only feel minimal pressure at the site of the injection. If you feel any pain while the treatment is being administered, then you must inform your Pain Specialist, who will immediately give you more local anaesthetic.

Pain Relief Without Surgery

“The simple answer to many patients’ pain”

In most circumstances, surgery should only be a last resort. And the good news is that for a period of time, sacral nerve root block treatment can safely offer substantial pain relief by lowering your level of inflammation, and numbing painful nerve signals, without the need for surgery.


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