Testimonial of patient treated by London Pain Clinic

Testimonial of patient treated by London Pain Clinic

The medication I received on my first appointment was a great help after I discontinued my antidepressant medication.

When I say I am grateful for Dr. Jenner and you…I am not merely being polite. It is a HUGE help in managing my life and remaining a contributing member to my family.

The medicine he prescribed was a big help after I figured out how much to take so that it was not too little or too much.

Thank you so much for your help.

I understand you are doing all you can to accommodate me.

I really cannot express enough how much I appreciate your help. It has made it possible to live in Cairo with my husband and for us to be a family again. Please pass on my gratitude.


I will be sure to give Dr. Jenner as a recommendation to any of my friends in need of medical care! Ya’ll are amazing in how helpful you are. Thanks again for everything!

I think Dr. Jenner and you are really wonderful.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Florida, United States