Patient Testimonials about London Pain Clinic

Patient Testimonials about London Pain Clinic

Patient Testimonial 1

London Pain Clinic (Dr Jenner) have given me a new life. I cannot be grateful enough and my children (old ladies by now) feel the same. I am a walking example of their excellence.

AF, London. February 2007

Patient Testimonial 2

For the past year, I have had to deal with a lot of pain as a result of being run over and having operations on my spine and leg, and have been suffering from costochondritis. Dr Jenner and his team have been a life saver for me. The kind, humorous way in which he has helped me with pain relief has been invaluable. He has always been so approachable and Geraldine has been so efficient and kind. I felt that he really understood what I was trying to convey about where my pain was and has really made my life more bearable.

MD, Sussex. April 2007