Managing Chronic Pain in 10 Easy Steps

Managing Chronic Pain in 10 Easy Steps

Abridged from the Pain Association of Scotland support for people with chronic pain in the community.

Step 1: Be realistic. Be honest and learn what you can about your physical condition, including dealing with anger and frustration.

Step 2:Get involved. Take an active role in dealing with your condition. Find all the options available to you. Look at alternatives.

Step 3:Learn relaxation and the value of distraction. Learning to breathe and relax properly can be a very simple and helpful step.

Step 4:Recognise thoughts and feelings. The mind affects the body and the body affects the mind. By identifying the negative thoughts and feelings, you can change the way in which you relate to your pain.

Step 5:Safe movement combined with deeper breathing can improve your mobility.

Step 6:Set priorities. With reduced energy and reduced mobility, it is important to set the priorities in your life.

Step 7:Set realistic goals. Break big tasks into smaller, much more manageable steps that are achievable and pace yourself in these.

Step 8:Know your basic rights.

Step 9:Communicate clearly and effectively with your family and healthcare professionals. Tell them of your anxiety and depression related to the pain.

Step 10:Rediscover hope. By using the above 9 strategies you can increase your general sense of wellbeing, break the pain cycle, reduce suffering and regain control of your life.