The Autodetect TM Epidural syringe

The AutoDetect™ Syringe

The AutoDetect™ Syringe is an Automatic Loss-of-Resistance (LOR) Syringe, which permits automatic detection of the Epidural and peritoneal cavities.

The AutoDetect™ Syringe consists of a coaxial compression spring under 20KPa tension, which is released when the epidural needle attached to the syringe reaches the correct anatomical position ie: in the epidural space for the siting of epidural catheters or epiural steroid administration.

Autodetect Epidural Syringe

The AutoDetect™ Syringe plunger is automatically depressed by the spring giving a visual confirmation to the clinician. This automatic device therefore frees both hands of the operator to manipulate the epidural needle through the tissues in one smooth movement.