Penis Pain: Symptoms and Treatment

“Many conditions can cause penis pain, which can range from mild to severe. This pain may occur at rest, during sexual activity, or when urinating. People may feel pain in different areas of the penis or encounter different types of pain, such as sharp, dull, throbbing, or shooting” [1] If this applies to you, contact a Pain Consultant right away to get an accurate diagnosis
It is important to know that even though someone suffering from penis pain can sometimes experience relief, a number of underlying causes may necessitate medical treatment [1]. If you have any concerns, consult a Pain Doctor to rule out anything serious, and get on the road to recovery.

The Low-Down
There are many different types of penis pain. Underlying causes may be linked to the following conditions:

Peyronie’s Disease

This is a condition that is prevalent due to plaque (generated by scar tissue), building up on the bottom or top of the penis.

Symptoms comprise:

• Pain during an erection
• Erectile dysfunction
• Pain whilst having sex
• A curved penis
• Lumps on the side of the penis
• The penis becoming shorter and narrower

Treatment with a Pain Specialist includes:

• Oral pharmaceuticals
• Medical injections administered into the plaque
• Radiation or ultrasound therapy to break down the scar tissue and decrease plaque [1].


This serious condition refers to a protracted and often painful erection (either during or outside sexual activity).

Treatment with a Pain Doctor includes:

• Oral pharmaceuticals to negate pain
• Administering medication into the penis via an injection to promote sufficient blood circulation
• Aspiration (draining excess blood with a surgical needle)
• Making a passage/hole to facilitate sufficient blood flow between the penis and the rest of the body [1].

Penile Tear

This scenario arises when due to force, an erect penis becomes bent, and as a result causes a tear.
Anyone who finds themselves in this situation requires emergency medical attention [1].

This condition involves the head of the penis becoming inflamed.

Symptoms comprise:

• Itching
• A rash
• Swelling
• Discharge
• Pain or tenderness
• A tight foreskin

Treatment with a Pain Consultant includes:

• Topical antibiotics
• Topical steroids
• Antiseptic or antifungal ointment
• A topical astringent solution [1].


Phimosis describes a condition when the foreskin of the penis tightens to such a degree, that it is too tight to pull back.

Treatment with a Pain Doctor includes:

• Steroid cream
• Pain relievers [1].


This serious condition describes not being able to pull the foreskin forward over the top of the penis. It necessitates immediate medical attention.

Symptoms comprise:

• Pain in the penis
• Swelling at the top of the penis
• The head of the penis changing colour

Treatment with a Pain Doctor includes:

• Anti-inflammatory medication [1].

Other Conditions

Pain in the penis can also result from:

• Sexually transmitted infections
• Urinary tract infections
• Urethritis
• Prostatitis urethritis
• Penile cancer [1].


[1]. Medical News Today (2022). “Causes of penis pain, and how to treat it.”