Psychological Strategies for Coping with Chronic Pain

As any Pain Doctor will tell you: “chronic pain is physically & psychologically stressful & its constant discomfort can lead to anger & frustration with yourself & your loved ones. By definition, chronic pain is pain that lasts longer than six months & affects how a person lives their daily life. While psychologists are uniquely trained to help you manage the mental & emotional aspects of this often debilitating condition [1],” Pain Specialists are doctors who have undergone extensive training & clinical experience in long-term pain. They also offer both traditional & the latest state-of-the-art treatments to negate chronic pain

How Can I Get Through Each Day With Chronic Pain?

Aside from consulting a Pain Doctor who will review your medical history, and (if necessary), carry out a physical examination and arrange any essential tests/scans; and then give you a Holistic Personalised Treatment Plan; there are various things which you can do to empower yourself to cope more effectively.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Physical and emotional pain are closely linked, and continual pain can result in elevated stress levels. Engaging in Pain Doctor approved physical therapy, ensuring that you have sufficient good quality sleep, and eating wholesome diet, are all excellent ways to help ameliorate your pain and stress [1].

Talking to Yourself in a Constructive Manner

“Positive thinking is a powerful tool. By focusing on the improvements that you are making (that is to say, the pain is less today than yesterday, or you feel better than you did a week ago), you can make a difference in your perceived comfort level” [1]

For instance, instead feeling powerless, and resigning yourself to the terrible pain that you have to endure; you should tell yourself that you are on a great pathway to finding healthy ways to deal with it, so that it is possible get your life back on track [1].

Become Engaged & Enjoy Different Activities

If you get yourself involved in new enjoyable activities, then you can distract yourself from the unhappiness of your pain. So look out for new pastimes or hobbies that you would find fun – because this kind of engagement will boost your feel-good factor, and overall enjoyment of life. There are all kinds of ways to connect with your local community, and family and friends, all of which will take your mind off your suffering [1]. And in the meantime, if you book a consultation with a Pain Doctor, you can get started on a protocol almost right away.


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