Who is Dr Chris Jenner?

“Dr Chris Jenner’ s name is synonymous with excellence in treating all forms of pain using both traditional and the latest research-backed cutting-edge solutions”

Dr Christopher Jenner MB BS, FRCA FFPMRCA, is a leading global expert consultant, speaker, and author in the fields of Pain Elimination and Pain Management. He is the renowned Founder and Clinical Director of the much sought after London Pain Clinic, which is located in the most famous medical street in the world, Harley Street.

In addition to this, Dr Jenner is the Clinical Director of The Fibro Clinic, which serves patients struggling with fibromyalgia. This exceptional clinic, is similar to the one in Harley Street, in that it is visited by people from all over the country and beyond (both online and in-person). The Fibro Clinic has gained global recognition owing to its unique protocol which has been devised from a variety of science-backed conventional and state-of-the-art medical treatments for Fibromyalgia.

The Go-To Pain Expert

Having been a Consultant in Pain Medicine for many years, Dr Jenner has become known as the go-to worldwide expert for the assessment and treatment of over 90 common, and less well known pain conditions. He holds high level qualifications in anaesthesia, and is professionally trained to treat different pain issues, particularly neuropathic pain and musculoskeletal pain. – Both of which are extremely common, yet not always fully understood by general practitioners. Many of the latter have not received the essential extensive training; and are not always familiar with the multitude of symptoms. And this explains why Dr Jenner is frequently contacted by patients whose pain has become an unrelenting barrier to their rehabilitation.


Dr Jenner was awarded his medical degree in 1995, at the London Hospital Medical College. Since that time, he has held various leading Pain Management positions across top London hospitals and clinics. He has practised at St Bartholomew’s, The Royal London, and St Mary’s Hospitals. Moreover, he is an Honorary Clinical Lecturer for the Imperial College NHS Trust; and host of an NHS Pain Clinic at the London Charing Cross Hospital; as well as a host of a private clinic at The Weymouth Street Hospital, London.

Specialist Interests

Dr Chris Jenner’s extensive specialist clinical interests include (but are not limited to):
•Musculoskeletal pain
•Neuropathic pain
•Spinal pain
•Head & face pain
•Pelvic pain
•Widespread pain
•Complex & regional pain