OSTEOPOROSIS: Everything You Need to Know

“Osteoporosis, which is literally “porous bone,” is a disease that thins the framework inside bones so much that even a minor fall or bump against a car door or piece of furniture may cause a fracture. A break can happen at any spot on the skeleton, but fractures of the wrist, hip & spine are among the most common” [1]

Maintaining a Fracture-Proof Frame

Whatever our age, we need to be mindful about the different ways we can keep our bones in optimum condition. This includes having a good diet, exercising, and avoiding anything which can weaken our bones and cause degeneration. After we hit 50, and move into our 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, working to keep a fracture-proof frame should be a top priority. Research shows that when we get older, bones that become weakened lead to breaks for 1 in 2 women, and 1 in 5 men. And on top of this, fractures can even elevate a sufferers’ chance of dying, due to medical complications [1].

Putting a Spotlight on the Risks of Osteoporosis

The risk for osteopenia (low bone density which is outside the osteoporosis range), and osteoporosis itself, is greater for females, as their bones are usually less dense and smaller than their male counterparts. This risk revs up at the time of menopause, as this is when levels of oestrogen (which bolsters bone generation) go down. That said, males are also at risk of this unwelcome disease. Further, the odds of osteoporosis-related fractures shoots up for people of all sexes who have a family history of osteoporosis [1]

And these are all reasons why it is imperative to visit an experienced Pain Specialist. As soon as you think you may have osteoporosis, then book an in-person or online appointment. After reviewing your medical history, your Pain Doctor will ask you various questions about your pain, and then arrange any necessary tests or scans. They will then give you an accurate diagnosis, and talk about the positive steps that can be taken to ameliorate your suffering. – This will involve drawing up a holistic Personalised Treatment Plan, which is likely to include more than one form of treatment. The London Pain Clinic is renowned for treating its osteoporosis patients with both conventional, and the latest science-backed cutting-edge treatments.


[1]. John Hopkins Medical (2020). “Osteoporosis: What You Need to Know as You Age.”