Online Consultations with London Pain Clinic






Online Consultations with London Pain Clinic

London Pain Clinic have developed an Online Consultation system in response to those patients who are unable to attend a clinic appointment in person, for instance for patients who live abroad.

To date London Pain Clinic has successfully provided Online Consultations to patients with pain in the United States, France, Kenya, Ireland, South Africa , Australia and Iceland.

Process of Online Pain Consultations with London Pain Clinic


  • Contact Geraldine (Practice Manager) by e-mail/ phone/ fax to receive Online Consultation Pain Questionnaire and to arrange for the delivery of any associated material for example MRI scans/ reports, etc.
  • Complete questionnaire and return to London Pain Clinic.
  • Online Consultations will be assessed and a report on your case completed within 5 working days.
  • Assesment includes a summary of findings, review of Investigations (including MRI, etc) and a suggested treatment plan, based on the information available.
  • On payment of the fee for Online Consultations with London Pain Clinic your assessment report will be sent to you electronically.





Disclaimer for Online Consultations with London Pain Clinic

The advice given during an Online Consultation with London Pain Clinic is for information purposes only. It can only be based on the information supplied by you, the patient.

Without formally seeing you in order to examine you, it is difficult to get a complete picture; therefore the suggestions are based on the available information as supplied by you. We will take into consideration all information given on the questionnaire form and any further information from additional sources that is supplied for example MRI scans which can e delivered to London Pain Clinic by prior arrangement.

No responsibility is accepted for advice given based on incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate information supplied to London Pain Clinic.