Medicolegal reports by London Pain Clinic. Terms and Conditions

Medicolegal reports by London Pain Clinic

Terms and Conditions

  • Upon your instruction, your client will be contacted to arrange a convenient date and time for their assessment appointment, unless instructed otherwise by you. You will then be notified of the date and time arranged with your client.
  • A full medicolegal report will be sent in draft form via fax or e-mail within 4-6 weeks of the assessment date, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Upon confirmation of your acceptance of the draft report, a hard copy will be posted to you via first class post.
  • Fees: London Pain Clinic undertake to comply with the contractual terms that they have negotiated with their respective medical experts. If disputes cannot be settled between the two parties a referral can be made to AMRO. Our invoice will be sent at the time of sending the draft report. Payment is required upon your receipt of our invoice.
  • London Pain Clinic is dedicated to the providing a professional standard in medical reporting and the maintenance of good practice in the presentation and use of medical reports, acting in accordance with the Civil procedure Rules.
  • Only when full written instruction is received from you with agreement to our fee’s will work be undertaken.
  • London Pain Clinic act independently to produce objective medicolegal reports.
  • Appropriate and relevant documentation should be made available to the reporting officer.
  • London Pain Clinic will be responsible for ensuring that its medical experts:-

  1. understand the manner in which the consultation should be conducted, in respect of appropriate dress of consultants, appropriate behaviour and cordiality towards patients
  2. professionalism in handling the consultation
  3. courtesy in examination (special requirements for special sectors of the population as appropriate)
  4. to provide the service in suitable surroundings

  5. to give the claimant an adequate time for the consultation and an opportunity to voice their opinion/concerns/views at the conclusion of the consultation.

Full details relating to the client should be provided in writing. The following information will be required:

  1. Title followed by Christian names and finally, surname.
  2. DOB
  3. Address (including post code)
  4. Contact Numbers.

We also require your contact name, telephone number, fax number and e mail address along with your full postal address. Clear instructions identifying your medicolegal requirements should be put in writing and either faxed to 020 7118 0250 or e mailed to: Any areas requiring specific attention for the report should be clearly identified in your initial instructions. Full medicolegal reports will consist of the following sections:

  1. Details
  2. Content
  3. Introduction
  4. Methodology
  5. History
  6. Examination
  7. Opinion
  8. Prognosis
  9. Medicolegal declaration
  10. Curriculum Vitae

Wherever possible, our report will conclude with our recommendations for treatment. London Pain Clinic can assist claimants in receiving further investigations and treatment, as recommended in the medicolegal report. London Pain Clinic undertake not to do anything to prejudice the relationship of a claimant with their own GP. Should you wish to proceed with a treatment plan for your client, please contact 020 7118 0250 to discuss further.

DATA PROTECTION – Client information is kept confidential, as secure, encrypted files, registered with Data Protection Act of 1998.

Dr. C. A. Jenner MB BS, FRCA

Consultant in Pain Medicine Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust

Medical Director, London Pain Clinic Division of Medical Associates Limited