What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage targets deep layers of muscle & the surrounding tissues. Research shows that this form of therapeutic massage therapy works to lengthen and relax the deep tissues, so that end, it could be helpful in managing pain. Moreover, it could increase the sufferer’s range of motion [1]. When this is done in conjunction with other modalities which are provided by a Pain Specialist, it may help speed up the recovery process

How is Deep Tissue Massage Different to Other Types of Massage?

The answer to this is that deep tissue massage focuses on deep areas of muscle, whereas other massage techniques normally concentrate on the body’s superficial regions. Specific forms of massage are akin to certain conditions that an individual may be suffering from [1].

So What Benefits Should I Hope to Get With Deep Tissue Massage?

“Deep tissue massage can provide many benefits for various conditions, including injury, chronic pain, & certain diseases” [1]

While deep tissue massage therapy cannot normally provide the outcomes which treatment with a Pain Consultant normally can, it does serve as an excellent adjunct which can calm down and help ameliorate inflamed tissue. However, should your pain be moderate to severe, then you need to book an in-person or online appointment with a Pain Specialist, as soon as possible, to stop the condition degenerating. They will review your medical history, and ask you various questions, after which they will devise a holistic Personalised Treatment Plan. This may comprise several different modalities including conventional treatment, and the latest cutting-edge options. – All of which are geared to get you feeling in optimum shape.

Note: If you compile a daily ‘Pain Diary’ to show to your Pain Specialist on your first appointment, it will be very beneficial, as it will serve as an accurate account.

Research (some of which is limited) shows that deep tissue massage can help to:

  • Significantly reduce pain when compared to therapeutic massage
  • Help manage certain types of pain (e.g. back pain)
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Boost recovery after injury
  • Relieve stiffness and pain
  • Ameliorate circulation to decrease swelling or fluid build-up around the site of the injury
  • Rev up the healing of muscular sprains and strains
  • Improve the scope of body’s range of motion
  • Lessen lower back pain in pregnant mothers
  • May help reduce certain mental health symptoms
  • Provide beneficial relaxation
  • Help coping mechanisms
  • Assist respiratory function [1].




[1]. Sissions, B. (2020). “What to know about deep tissue massage.” Medical News Today.