Targeting Pain website from NAPP Pharmaceuticals

Targeting Pain website from NAPP Pharmaceuticals

Targeting pain is an online resource for pain and pain management, provided by Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited in association with Pulse.

Patient Information

The information in this section has been written to answer any questions you may have about pain and pain management. It covers:

  • What is pain?
  • How do we feel pain?
  • Assessment of pain
  • Treatment options
  • Different types of pain
  • Living with pain
  • Glossary

Healthcare Professional Area

Sections 1-4 of this interactive resource will take you on an educational journey to explore some of the key issues surrounding pain and provide useful information on the recognition, assessment, and treatment choices for managing chronic pain conditions. Included within the resource are video clips, interactive presentations and knowledge checker tools to help you identify and manage chronic pain.

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