Dr. Mona Mubarak

Consultant in Pain Medicine

Dr. Mona Mubarak began her medical journey in 1996 and has since become a full-time Consultant in Chronic Pain Management and Anaesthesia here in London. She received her initial training in Ireland, completing her qualifications in Anaesthesia and Basic Pain Management in 2014. To further her expertise, she undertook additional training at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, finishing in 2015.

While in Sydney, Dr. Mubarak worked at a leading hospital where she collaborated with neurology experts, gaining valuable experience in managing chronic pain and neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis and headaches. Her time in Australia also allowed her to deepen her understanding of pain medication management.

Driven to continually improve her skills, Dr. Mubarak completed another fellowship in Leeds in 2016. She also extended her studies to the United States, successfully completing an advanced exam in interventional pain practice in 2017. With experience across Ireland, the UK, Australia, and the USA, her areas of interest include Costochondritis, Post-shingles pain, Post stroke pain and Cancer-related pain, Expertise in Nerve and Muscular pain, as well as the treatment of Neuropathic knee and Abdominal pain post-surgery. Dr. Mubarak is also highly skilled in spinal Nerve root and Facet injections.

Dr. Mubarak is proficient in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, a treatment that uses a patient’s own blood to accelerate healing. This has proven particularly effective in treating conditions like osteoarthritis.

She holds memberships in several prestigious medical societies, including the International Association Society of Pain, the World Institute of Pain, and the Irish Pain Society.

As an experienced pain specialist, Dr. Mona Mubarak is committed to providing clear, comprehensive care for those seeking pain management solutions. Her approach is holistic, ensuring that each treatment plan is tailored to the individual’s needs.