Patient Testimonial – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – A Life Changing Event

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – A Life Changing Event

In April 2009, I suffered a badly broken right wrist and as soon as my plaster cast was removed, it became apparent I had developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my right hand. I could not use my right hand due to the intensity of the pain, and being right handed, it felt like loosing a limb. It impacted my capability at work and my social life – I am a keen badminton player, as well as the quality of my life as every day tasks had become difficult. I found it challenging to explain to people that it wasn’t my broken wrist (which had healed with no problems) causing the pain – but this Syndrome.


At the end of June, I was referred to Dr Jenner to help manage the pain and alleviate my symptoms of the Syndrome. In my first consultation, I ticked ‘all the boxes’ for the symptoms of the Syndrome; I had it big time! Dr Jenner took the time to explain in detail about the Syndrome and the different treatment options available. He prescribed a drugs regime to help alleviate the pain, calm my nervous system and reduce the swelling. He explained the side effects I might experience, as well as stressing that the drugs could be changed to suit me, if the side effects did indeed materialise. Dr Jenner’s positive manner and his patience when explaining all the details to me, gave me the confidence to believe I could get better.

I did experience some side effects from the drugs, which I discussed with Dr Jenner; however as the results of the drugs regime was so positive, I was happy to forego some side effects. During the next 2 months, I also continued to receive excellent physiotherapy to support my treatment plan from Rachel Fairhead at Virgin Active Gym, Mayfair.

The results – life is good

The results of my treatment have been incredibly positive and the improvement much faster than I could have hoped for. My hand no longer resembles an oversized plastic hand, but now looks normal. I have regained a lot of my movement and the pain is substantially diminished. I have been weaned off the drugs and the symptoms of the Syndrome are not returning. I am delighted to have my life back. I am now on top of my work and have started to play badminton again. Life is good.

Caring, professional manner

I would like to thank Dr Jenner for his caring, cheerful and professional approach. He is so easy to talk to and always takes the time to listen and answer any queries. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Jenner to fellow CRPS suffers.