Electronic Patient Billing – Advantages for Doctors

Electronic Patient Billing – Advantages for Doctors


In the recent years, technology has eliminated the paper-based management of processes in the healthcare sector. Electronic patient management has entirely changed the pattern of healthcare management, bringing in higher amounts of efficiency, accuracy and consistency.

In this process, the doctors contract out the billing function to a company offering such services. As a result, patient billing has virtually become a paperless function with the use of such combinations of electronic fund transfers and electronic patient billing.

Studies of financial implications in the healthcare sector reveal that managing the administrative costs and chores such as patient billing can be as time-consuming as patient-care itself.

Key Benefits

The use of electronic patient billing has facilitated a vast series of benefits for the doctors, their clinics and their overall set-up.

Enhances physician efficiency

Electronic patient billing enables the physician to enhance his overall efficiency. Such electronic management ensures that the physician and his staff do not spend excessive time or resources on sorting and managing the billing statements. More importantly, it considerably reduces the scope of human error which can ultimately prove costly to the doctor’s clinic.

Further, the electronic data gathered can even provide organizations with crucial metrics to help in increasing the efficiency of the business.

Practical to use

Services offered for enabling the electronic management of patient billing are easy to use and highly practical, especially from the viewpoint of doctors. With quite a few of the service providers, the doctors just have to send the information regarding the patient billing to these firms. In turn, the patients are sent out high quality, customizable statements, in extremely easy-to-read formats.

Saves resources

The electronic patient billing helps the doctors save huge amount of resources, in terms of both cost and effort. The approach gets dramatically shifted from labour-intensive and error-prone manual office procedures to a more efficient system.

Overall, this reduces the wear and tear on printers, helps the staff in avoiding reprinting or rerunning statements and frees the staff from folding, stuffing, sealing and stamping statements and envelopes.

Increased patient satisfaction

The amount of satisfaction patients feel with patient care primarily depends upon the access to information, accuracy and consistency of the information flow.

With electronic patient billing, the quantum of patient satisfaction rises manifold, thereby proving to be immensely beneficial for the doctor’s practice and reputation.

In addition, such electronic management also enables the patients to make their monthly payments through automated deductions from their checking or savings accounts or even charge to a credit card.

Essential Features

To ensure that the system of electronic patient billing gives maximum benefits, there are certain parameters that need to be checked for while selecting the software.

Here we list the most important parameters amongst them.

  • Ease of customization
  • Ease of use
  • Integration to the medical devices
  • Flexibility in reporting systems
  • User-friendly interface

Such features ensure that the electronic patient billing systems provide the maximum benefits to the physicians and also enhance customer satisfaction to the optimum.