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London Pain Clinic


London Pain Clinic specialise in treating patients with a wide variety of painful conditions, including long-term musculo-skeletal pain, neuropathic pain and cancer pain. We remain receptive and responsive to patients’ requirements, providing a personal approach to care. Rehabilitation is integral to the management of pain and patients are treated as active participants.

All patients have an initial assessment followed by an individual program of treatment planning, using a multidisciplinary approach to the management of pain. The latest pain management techniques are used, in conjunction with evidence-based medicine protocols. A range of treatment options are available, including:

• Conservative Management



• Analgesic Medication



• Interventional Pain Medicine

• Physical and Rehabilitation Therapy

• Alternative Therapy

• Surgery

• Advanced Pain Management Procedures

• Psychological Therapy

London Pain Clinic operate as a multi-disciplinary team for the management of patients with painful conditions. The team is led by Dr Christopher Jenner, a Consultant in Pain Medicine at St Mary’s Hospital, W2- a top London Teaching Hospital. He is also an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College, London.

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