Meralgia Paraesthetica treated with local anti-inflammatory injection

A 32 year old gentleman came to the Pain Clinic complaining of pain in the front and side of his left thigh. This was often worse after walking or standing for periods of time. He also had a pins and needles (paraesthesia) in the area and, in particular, the anterior part of the thigh often went numb. On examination, he was found to have a reduction to pin prick sensation on the anterior and lateral surface of the left thigh. On examination, a tender spot in the groin was palpated which reproduced the pain symptoms.

A diagnosis of Meralgia Paraesthetica was made. Different treatment options were suggested including anti-inflammatory medication and a local injection of local anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory. He decided to go for the local injection therapy.

The tender spot was located; it was approximately 10-11 cm inferior to the anterior superior iliac spine. Using aseptic technique, a small weal of anaesthetic was made under the skin and a fine needle was carefully inserted into the tender area. A mixture of local anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory (Depo-Medrone 40 mg) was then carefully infiltrated in andaround the tender spot.

The gentleman was seen in the Pain Clinic approximately 6 weeks later and had a complete resolution of symptoms.

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