Common Misconceptions About Spinal and Muscular Pain

Misconception No 1: All You Need to Do is Sit Up Straight!

If you visit a Pain Specialist, they will tell you that if you spend prolonged periods of time sitting up straight without periodically getting up and moving about, then you will generate back strain. “So if you work in an office setting, make sure that your chair is at a height where your knees are at a 90-degree angle, your feet can rest flat on the floor, and you have proper lower back support” [1].

Misconception No 2: You Need a Very Firm Mattress

Did you know that people who suffer from back pain can actually bring on more pain, if they sleep on a mattress which is overly firm. – This is due to the fact that it creates even more pressure on heavy points such as the shoulders and hips. By contrast, an overly soft mattress may not provide the essential support which enables proper movement. Of note, “studies show that a medium-firm mattress offers an ideal amount of support to help prevent further injury” [1].

Misconception No 3: Back Pain Comes From Exercising

“Sure, if you aren’t active all week & then try to win your local annual run, you could easily experience injury” [1]

Yet, many of us can avoid spine and muscular pain by prepping our bodies to deal with the shock of everyday movements and intense workouts. All we need to do is to follow some professionally recommended stretch and warm-up exercises. These are imperative to rev up our muscles! [1].

Misconception No 4: Back Pain is a Normal Side-Effect of Aging

“Getting older doesn’t mean life has to be painful. While there are aches & pains that come with an aging body, staying physically fit through exercises that keep our bodies strong, flexible & limber are a huge benefit” [1]

When patients receive an expert diagnosis to pinpoint their muscular and spinal issues, their Pain Doctor will discuss the most suitable forms of exercise for their needs. These could include Tai Chi, brisk walking, Pilates, swimming, and so on.

Misconception No 5: Back Pain Can Appear For No Reason

Individuals who suffer from back pain often believe that it is down to bending over too low, or twisting around too abruptly; yet their suffering is much more likely to be due to a range of other factors. – Weight gain, poor posture, carrying heavy objects the wrong way, or getting carried away on workout: “can all put strain on the spine and lead to seemingly “out of nowhere” spasms” [1].
However, in some instances, the problem could be more serious, for example, a joint or disk issue [1]. If this might be the case, or you are unsure, then the best course of action is to see a Pain Consultant as soon as possible.


[1]. Anand, N. (2019).”Common Myths About back Pain.” Health Central.