Common back pain causes and treatments

Here we outline some of the various types of back pain, their possible causes and treatment options available.


Condition – Muscle strain/Ligament strains

Cause – Moving too quickly or in awkward positions, forceful movements, causing muscles to tear or sprain

Treatment – Rest, massage and ice to reduce inflammation


Condition – Degenerated Disc

Cause – General wear and tear and excessive repetitive movements, makes discs susceptible to injury

Treatment – Physical therapy rehabilitation, gentle activity, Pilates, minimally invasive pain management procedures and pain relief medication 


Condition – Herniated disc (often referred to as prolapsed disc or even slipped disc)

Cause – Trauma, heavy lifting, bad posture and other factors (including genetics and high BMI)

Treatment – Physical therapy rehabilitation, gentle activity, Pilates, minimally invasive pain procedures and surgery if rehabilitation does not work.


Condition – Osteoarthritis

Cause – Deterioration of cartilage over prolonged period of time

Treatment – Anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy rehabilitation, exercise, weight control and minimally invasive pain management procedures.


Condition – Fibromyalgia

Cause – Neurological cause including widespread body pain and soft tissue pain

Treatment – Specialist pain physical therapy, gentle graded activity and exercise, healthy non-inflammatory diet stress relief, anti – neuropathic medication, Medicinal Cannabis and infusion therapy.


Condition – Spinal stenosis

Cause – Enlarged joints, thickening ligaments and bony spurs causing narrowing of spinal column

Treatment – Epidurals, facet joint injections, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, surgery.


*If you have any concerns you should always visit your GP, call 111 for advice or a visit a Pain Consultant


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