The first CSS World Awards. Websites submitted to CSS Mania from May 2005 to May 2006






London Pain Clinic are proud to announce that we have recently been awarded second place in the prestigious CSS World Awards for website design. The following is an excert from the CSS Mania Awards website.

Our thanks go to Jon and Paul at Gr0w collective who have made a reality


Why CSS World Awards?.


To recognize the work done by developers that build websites using CSS.

To heighten the awareness of the companies using Web Standards. CSS World Awards Winners 2006

Friday Jul 07, 2006 · Filed under: Winners

The announcement day is here. First of all, we would like to say THANKS to the judges, sponsors and the high level in terms of nominees that we think have been high. That’s why we had to apply different rules to award some sites that were tied.

For the next year we will work harder and better with all your help, the valuable help from our visitors.





Winner: The City Church

2nd.- London Pain Clinic

3rd.- Reductostart