How the Wrong Chair Can Impact Your Health

“The last thing that might come to mind when you have back or shoulder pain, is the way your workstation is set up. – But, it turns out that your aches & pains may well be linked to your chair, as sitting in the wrong type of chair for hours on end, can do substantial damage to your back, neck, & shoulders.” [1]

Are You Suffering From Back or Shoulder Pain?

If your answer is “yes,” and you are spending a lot of hours sitting at a workstation either in your place of work, or at home, then it could be your chair which is impacting your health. – And this also includes chairs which you love simply because they are so comfortable!

So Let’s Look at What an Expert Thinks About this Dilemma?

An Ergotherapy Solutions chair specialist, has given a no-nonsense assessment on the most popular chairs which are used in offices, other places of work, and home work spaces.

Number 1: The Basic Arm-Less Office Chair
These are the simplest office chairs which have a fixed back rest, an adjustable height mechanism, and wheels; but no arm rests. However, they get a thumbs down from the specialist, due to the fact that: there is no lower back (lumbar) support, which leads to back pain and poor posture. Moreover, the seat does not provide any padding, and this exerts pressure on the discs along the lower part of the spine. And in addition to these negatives, the fixed backrest strains the back muscles, as it does not allow for any adjustment [1].

Number 2: The Dead Executive
This very popular model is comfortable due to its padding, high back, and arm rests. Moreover, it is on wheels, and easy to move about while seated. Also, there is an adjustable height facility. But, it’s another thumbs down from the professional ergo-therapist. This is because it does not offer any lumbar support, and as a result, generates lower back pain and poor posture. And something that you wouldn’t consider: “fixed armrests may get in way of the desk, so you may end up perching on the end of the seat. This puts pressure through your lower back as the thighs and the back aren’t supported” [1].

Number 3: The Simple StoolThis is a simple four legged wooden stool. But yes, you’ve guessed it – it’s another no! This is because there is zero back support, which tires the back; and the hard wooden seat generates pressure on the discs along the lower part of the spine. Moreover, this stool induces shoulder tension simply because you cannot adjust the height, and have to reach up to the desk or table [1].

Number 4: The Standard Dining ChairDining chairs are known for their rigidity, and cannot be adjusted in any way. – So it’s an obvious thumbs down! The expert states that the tough non-adjustable back rest will generate pain in the lower back. And if the chair is too low, it will create tension in the shoulders, as it forces you to keep reaching up to the desk or table. Moreover, another aspect that so many of us wouldn’t have considered: this type of chair does not have any castors/wheels, so you cannot get any movement out of it. – And this gives you muscle strain.

[1]. Barrso, Y. (2015). Is your office chair affecting your health? Health 24.