Special Medical Interests: Dr Ivan Ramos-Galvez

Dr Ivan Ramos-Galvez is a hugely popular consultant at the London Pain Clinic, due to his long standing interest and expertise in Musculoskeletal Interventional Pain Medicine and Neuropathic Pain. This includes Ischaemic syndromes and CPRS (Complex regional pain syndrome), a type of long-term pain that usually affects an arm or a leg). He is regularly consulted by patients suffering from Neck Pain; Lower back Pain; Osteoarthritic degenerative joint pain, Male pelvic pain; Male urological pain; Whiplash; Spinal nerve compression syndrome; Abdominal pain; Pelvic pain; Coccyx pain; Refractory Angina pain; Headaches; Peripheral vascular disease; Neuropathic pain; Post-stroke pain; Cancer pain; and Fibromyalgia.

Dr Ramos-Galvez

Of note, Dr Ramos-Galvez has had the advantage of being a team member within a large spinal surgical department, thus gaining an in-depth, fundamental understanding of post-surgery CRPS and neuropathic pain. Further, he has developed close links into several other specialisms including cancer/palliative care and spinal surgery, and is frequently called upon to treat patients when conventional methods of pain relief have failed. Moreover, Dr Ramos-Galvez is a strong advocate and leader in the education of both primary care physicians and patients, and always likes to explain everything to patients in clear layman’s terms. And as the London Pain Clinic promotes a multi-discipline holistic approach to treatment, he frequently refers patients to other specialists (including physiotherapists), within the clinic.


In 1997, Dr Ramos-Galvez, who also currently runs an NHS practice at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, left his home in Barcelona, and headed to the UK to further his career pathway. He underwent extensive training and practice in spinal surgery at the Oxford Deanery; and then went on to successfully complete highly advanced studies and training within the field of pain medicine. His specialism in these two complex areas of medicine means that he is often called upon to provide an opinion within his clinical practice, or act as an expert legal witness.

Medical Publications

Dr Ramos-Galvez’s work has been published in leading, internationally acclaimed, anaesthetic journals, as well as in major medical textbooks. He is frequently called upon to give lectures on the widespread effects of chronic pain, and the benefits of managing the disease early. He has formulated both a first-class training program in acute pain management for junior doctors in the North Thames (Imperial Deanery); as well as the Royal College of Surgeons’ training program for the management of acute and chronic pain.

Hobbies & Interests

During his days off and holidays, Dr Ramos-Galvez enjoys spending time with his wife and three small children, having fun cooking, cycling, hiking and kayaking. He has a passion for classic cars, visits car shows, and likes to relax and watch fictional dramas, and deep meaningful films that trigger debate. Further, when time permits, he indulges in his great passion for historical novels.