Special Medical Interests: Dr Attam Singh

Dr Attam Singh MB BS, FRCA, FFPMRCA is a Clinical Associate of the London Pain Clinic, where he is a well known, multi-award winning Anaesthetist, and Pain Medicine expert and consultant. Specialising in musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain of either single or multiple origin, Dr Singh has spent over 12 years refining the management of both common pain conditions and more obscure pain-related ailments.

Dr Singh qualified in anaesthesia prior to becoming professionally trained as a Consultant in Pain Medicine. He has a highly impressive track record of working in hospitals both in the UK and USA. His extensive medical interests comprise: head and face pain; neck and back pain; joint pain; pelvic pain; fibromyalgia; complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS); intravenous lidocaine infusions; epidural injections; joint pain injections; and medicinal cannabis.

Patients who book a consultation with Dr Singh, can be assured that he offers a personalised, holistic approach to treatment. When necessary, he carries out interventional procedures, targeted nerve techniques, and ultrasound guided procedures, thus ensuring accurate and patient centred treatments that will deliver a prompt and speedy recovery.

Lecturer, Trainer & Researcher

Dr Singh also is a popular national and international lecturer and educator, who is wholeheartedly committed to continuing professional development. He regularly teaches medical personnel, including trainees. Of note, he is renowned for researching innovative forms of neuromodulation for the long-term treatment of neuropathy in London. Moreover, he was presented with a prestigious fellowship at the respected University of Michigan USA, where he taught and demonstrated his unique procedural techniques.

Always in Demand

In addition to his Harley Street private practice, Dr Singh is a Consultant in Pain Medicine based at the award-winning Hip Fracture Unit in the West Hertfordshire NHS Trust, where he has developed a dynamic and cohesive pathway for treating painful broken hips. Something which is now being replicated across the UK. Moreover, Dr Singh is the Acute Pain Lead at Watford General Hospital, where he manages the Acute Pain team.

Known for organising charitable medical outreach treatment centres in rural India, Dr Singh is a keen advocate for working with overseas populations who would not otherwise have access to high quality healthcare services. Indeed, together with his colleagues, Dr Singh has treated over 700 individuals, and they plan to treat many more.


Dr Singh’s honours include the Clinical Excellence Award for showing Care and Compassion in Clinical Practice in 2013; and the Health Service Journal Award for Patient Safety in 2014.

Hobbies & Interests

A keen cyclist and thespian, Dr Singh plays lead guitar in a rock band!