Procedures for back pain relief

At the London Pain clinic, our Consultants will fully assess a patient during an initial consultation for back pain and suggest a treatment plan. This will sometimes include physical rehabilitation therapy, an MRI scan and medication. If more conservative methods of treatment are not effective, we offer various minimally invasive pain management procedures to target the problem.


Procedures for back pain relief

Epidural injections – Injected into the epidural space in either caudal, cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine. It is performed to help reduce inflammation and pain.

Facet joint/ Medial branch injections -These provide temporary joint pain relief and involve injecting local anaesthetics and sometimes steroid into and around the facet joint. These are often performed for osteoarthritis of the spinal joints and disruption of the mechanics of spine as a whole.

Nerve root injections – This involves injecting local anaesthetics and sometimes steroid where the nerve exits the spinal column. Often used for pinched nerves arising from problems in the spine.

Trigger point injections – Multiple trigger points can be injected at the site of muscle pain, improving blood flow and reducing pain. Often used when pain is spread over the muscles of the body.

Radiofrequency procedures – Can be used in conjunction with facet joint injections. Typically, it can prolong the pain relief experienced when the pain originates from the spinal facet joints.