Trigger Point Injections, What Are They & What Do They Do?

“Trigger point injections (TPI) are injections of anaesthetic & steroid directly into the “knots” in your muscles. These knots are known as “trigger points.” They occur when your muscle involuntarily contracts or spasms, which causes the area to become tender & radiate pain elsewhere in your body” [1]

Do Your Muscle Knots Never Seem to Go Away?

If the answer to this is “yes,” then you are certainly not alone! Pain Specialists are kept very busy with new patients searching for a long-term solution to rid themselves of this incessant pain which stops them getting the most out of their lives. In many cases, these patients have sought the help of osteopaths and chiropractors, and although they may have enjoyed some relief on the day, the same old pain inevitably returns, sometimes with 24 hours.

So What’s the Solution?

Three letters: TPI (AKA Trigger Point Injections). Carried out by a simple procedure which is administered by a Pain Specialist, TPIs can give you immediate relief from your nagging muscle knots. “Trigger points occur when a muscle involuntarily contracts or spasms, and this causes the area to become tender, and radiate pain elsewhere in your body” [1].

The Trigger Point treatment involves being injected with anaesthetic and steroids, which are placed directly into the muscle “knots.” The injection only holds a small quantity of medication, but this can help your muscle relax right away, thus lessening your pain, and boosting the circulation around the area, which helps it to heal [1].

Does My Desk Job or Manual Labour Make My Condition Worse?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is probably what you were expecting, and that is in many cases, “yes.” Moreover, if you have a job that involves manual labour, and your posture isn’t good, then this can have a very negative impact. As can sitting in an uncomfortable chair [1]. In these instances, booking a consultation (either online or in-person) with an experienced Pain Consultant, is essential.

How Many Appointments Will I Need to Put a Stop to My Pain?

Just like many other things, each person is different. In the first instance, your Pain Specialist will review your medical history, and then ask you various questions about your pain. He/she will then set up a Personalised Treatment Plan which will be based on two factors: your level of pain, and how many trigger points you have. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, as your Pain Specialist is there to help you deal with any concerns that you may have.


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