What to Expect After a Nerve Root Block

“Once the anaesthetic medication enters the nerve, patients should feel pain relief virtually immediately. The steroid medication’s effectiveness will begin to show results within several days, & inflammation and swelling should totally dissipate around 14 days after the nerve root block has been administered. The great news is that pain relief can be felt for months”

Every Patient’s Reaction is Different

“If you have a nerve root block before your pain becomes long-term, the better your result. So it is crucial to act quickly”

While a percentage of patients feel immediate relief after nerve block treatment, others may require a series of injections. This is due to the fact that pain is a personal conceptualisation, so to that end, patients respond differently. Further, those who have suffered from long-term (that is to say, more than ten years) of pain, could be experiencing more than one pain generator. Indeed, there are a substantial number of anatomic structures, and the pain could emanate from more than one nerve of joint.

“The London Pain Clinic frequently combines nerve root blocks with other types of treatment. This holistic approach increases patients’ chances of living pain-free”

The ultimate goal of the Pain Specialist is to help the patient avoid surgery, and improve function. To that end, he/she works to pinpoint where the pain is coming from. While the first injection that a participant receives could be diagnostic, once their response to the injection is ascertained, further injections, and the level of the injections, can be established. However, in some cases, a different approach may be taken.

Post-Procedure Soreness or Discomfort

This is quite normal, and should be ameliorated within days of receiving the nerve root block. Of note, in the case of some patients, the steroid may take some time to act, so that it offers long-term benefits.

When Does the Steroid Reach its Peak?

Generally speaking, this is anywhere between three and ten days.

What Will the Injection Frequency Be?

In regard to injection frequency, the patient’s medical history is examined and taken into consideration by the Pain Specialist. For example, certain diseases such as diabetes, will necessitate less frequent injections. When a patient’s pain slowly returns, the Pain Specialist can administer another nerve root block four months or more, after the last procedure.

Avoiding Strenuous Exercise Post-Nerve Block Injection

Strenuous or vigorous exercises must be avoided for approximately 14 days after an injection. This will ensure that the ligaments, tendons and muscles have a chance to get better.